Understanding the why

When you have a task before you, it is important to start by defining why you are doing it.

First of all, it will benefit your motivation - if you know why you’re doing it, why it is important, you’ll be less distracted by other stuff, and won’t question if this is the right thing for you to be doing. Procrastination is nature’s way to prevent you from wasting your life in tasks that don’t matter, by forcing you to decide what matters. However, we’re not very good on the moment decision makers, so it is better to decide beforehand.

Also, by understanding why you’re doing something, you’ll know the intent behind the brief. Perhaps there’s a simpler solution to the problem that fulfills the same intent. Whenever you’re working on a task, you should always understand the why of the task - that will allow you to change the brief when a different answer makes more sense.

Think why you’re doing what you’re doing - you will get more done.