I’m Paulo Cunha. I live in Copenhagen and do things.

I'm a software developer, living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I'm originally from Portugal, but have been in Scandinavia for 9 years now. That's 29% of my life! I studied architecture, and worked in the field for over 3 years. But ultimately, my coding hobby took over and I decided to change careers. Since then, I worked in an education startup called Peergrade, and, at Trustpilot, a reviews website. As an architect, I spent most of the time at MER.

Most of my experience as a developer has been around building a design system, defining the frontend architecture and infrastructure of a large app, improving DX, and supporting teams when migrating their codebases to React. As an architect, I spent most of the time designing workspaces.

I get a kick out of improving people's workflows and productivity, building tools and systems to automate repetitive work, and ultimately, giving them more time to be creative and do interesting work.

Last update: February 5, 2020