The art of conversation

When we look at social media and online forums, it seems that there’s more conflict than ever. Everyone is trying to convince everyone else of their point of view. Not only does this lead to a lot of unrest, it simply doesn’t work. When was the last time you made someone change their mind during a conversation?

We’ve lost the art of conversation. When you disagree with someone, don’t try to convince people of your point of view. Instead, ask questions. Try to understand why people have the position that they do. Not in an inquisitive mode, but being genuinely curious. You can only earn from learning their point of view.

Also, asking people questions is the best way to make them think about their answers. No one is going to change their mind while they talk to you, but they might later on, when they keep answering your questions in their head - you have to let people come to conclusions on their own.

And if someone is not interested in having a discussion, and are simply trying to offend you or make you look bad, the answer is simple: leave.