Can’t go full throttle forever

Everyday I come across articles and videos of people trying to maximize their productivity. How to create habits, how to become a morning person, and so on. I too have, for years, tried to become as productive as possible.

My most recent technique was to cut out on a lot of the other techniques - instead of planning ahead to the finest detail, I write down the day before what I want to do the next day. I also have a vague plan for the month and the quarter. This has actually been working pretty well - I do the stuff that I plan to do.

The problem is, I feel exhausted. I don’t look forward to the next task, and I don’t feel particularly creative. I just want to scratch the items off the list. It only takes so long until that leads to burn out.

I am now trying to regularly take a day or two to do absolutely nothing and am realizing how important it is. The creative mind goes to work as soon as boredom rings at the door.

For years now, we’ve been trying to never be bored. That’s counter productive. Let yourself be bored. You will see that great ideas will come to your mind, and that you’ll get back to work with more energy. Because if you keep your mind busy all the time, there’s no space for new ideas to come in.